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Last year 2010, my wife & I visited South Africa where we hired a car & toured mainly around the Natal Zulu area taking in the sights of the British/Zulu battle fields.

However for the last 5 days we visited the Madikwe Game reserve, which is situated in the northern region of the country, just 20 miles from the border with Botswana. At the reserve we stayed at Motswiri Safari Lodge, this was an exceptional lodge, and the staff & game rangers were friendly, welcoming & very knowledgable.

On each day you could go out on 2 game drives, one at around 5.00am & the second around 4.00pm, on the second returning during the hours of darkness, giving opportunities to view the night time activity of the animals.

During our visit we saw Lions with cubs, Lions feeding on a Giraffe, Rhino’s, Elephants, Jackal, Hyena’s, but we were very luck to see a rare Leopard during daylight hours. All in all in was a magnificent trip and I would recommend both the game reserve & the game lodge.

Below are a few of the hundreds of photographs which I took on the trip.

All pictures are copyright by Ian Hood Photography at www.imphotography.co.uk

Lioness roaring

Giraffe at dusk

Bull Elephants engaged in a ruck

A Goshawk

Elephants at the waterhole

A Jackal

European Roller

Lioness with Cubs